Professional Training on Internationalisation

Our training courses are specifically designed to address the main aspects of internationalisation, offering entrepreneurs and industry experts the tools they need to acquire skills and keep up-to-date.

Our methodology is based on the synergy between theory and practice, derived from our extensive experience as consultants.

Internationalisation courses

Our training courses are divided into two basic directions:

Basic courses: aimed at providing an overview of the most common issues related to international trade.

Advanced courses: designed for those who wish to deepen their specific knowledge related to internationalisation.

The courses are related to different thematic areas of business internationalisation.

Customs area courses

These courses focus on customs regulations, procedures and practices related to the import and export of goods. Through these courses you will learn the best strategies to overcome customs obstacles and ensure efficient management of cross-border operations.

Transport Area Courses

This area focuses on international transport systems, including shipping methods, route optimisation and logistics management. You will acquire key skills to ensure reliable and timely delivery of goods to international customers.

Export Credit Management Courses

This area deals with credit management practices in international trade transactions: how to mitigate financial risks, negotiate payment terms and establish effective credit management policies.

Financing Area courses

This area provides information and tools related to funding available to businesses wishing to expand internationally. Entrepreneurs will be guided through the process of identifying funding opportunities and submitting applications to financial institutions or support organisations.

Training at Studio Coradeschi

By choosing the internationalisation training courses offered by Studio Coradeschi, companies will have the opportunity to develop the skills they need to successfully address international markets.

We are here to provide the support and knowledge you need to achieve significant results in your business internationalisation journey.